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What is D*A*A*S Kapital about?

Actors: Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson, Paul Livingston, Richard Fidler, Michael Petroni, Mark Trevorrow, Khym Lam

Season 1 of D*A*A*S Kapital

    Episode 1: Avarice  
    Episode 2: Sloth  
    Episode 3: Gluttony  
    Episode 4: Pride  
    Episode 5: Envy  
    Episode 6: Lust  
    Episode 7: Anger  

Season 2 of D*A*A*S Kapital

    Episode 1: Faith  
    Episode 2: Humility  
    Episode 3: Felicity  
    Episode 4: Chastity  
    Episode 5: Charity  
    Episode 6: Hope  
    Episode 7: Patience  
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