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What is The Julekalender (1994) about?
"The Julekalender" is a Christmas story about three "nisser" who have to go from the North Pole and back to the "hule" (cave) in the Norwegian province of Trondelag to find the life melody of the head nisse "Good old gammel nok" who is about to die. However they have to watch out for the evil "Ns", who during the series comes to live with a potato farmer nearby. The series is based on funny lines containing dialect (the potato farmer) or a mix between Norwegian and English (the nisses). The lines are repeated in episode after episode, and if a good line occurs, one of the nisses will say "Hey, that's a good vending (phrase). Maybe we can use that in another episode!" The show is a copy from the danish "The Julekalender" (1991). The danish show was made of the band "De Nattergale".

Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of The Julekalender (1994)

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