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What is Mannix about?
Tough, no-nonsense private eye Joe Mannix investigates in this tense and violent detective series. Originally employed by an ultra-computerized organization, he later set up his own shop. But mayhem always predominated.

Actors: Joseph Campanella, Robert Reed, Ward Wood, Mike Connors, Gail Fisher
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama

Season 1 of Mannix

    Episode 9: Huntdown  

Season 2 of Mannix

Season 3 of Mannix

Season 4 of Mannix

    Episode 9: Sunburst  
    Episode 12: Deja Vu  

Season 5 of Mannix

    Episode 13: Catspaw  

Season 6 of Mannix

Season 7 of Mannix

Season 8 of Mannix

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