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What is Crimson Sabre about?
Crimson Sabre is based on Jin Yong's novel The Sword Stained with Royal Blood. It is set in the final years of the Ming Dynasty, under Emperor Chongzhen. Jin Yong had a penchant for integrating most of his stories seamlessly into China's history, from the Song Dynasty all the way to the Ching, and as far as I know the Crimson Sabre is the only story which deals with the fall of a dynasty within its story. The three-way power struggle between the Ming Dynasty, Li Zicheng and the Manchus was well-utilised, with characters from all three sides playing a major role in the story. From Yuan Chonghuan to Dorgon, the historical characters and fictitious characters complement each other, and make the story immensely believable. Major events like the death of Huang Taiji to minor issues like the rivalry between Li Yan and Niu Jinxing in the Dashun camp were portrayed and dramatised very well. Of course, this is more credit to Jin Yong than to TVB, but it definitely makes the show worth watching for historical value as well.

Actors: ordon Lam, Melissa Ng, Kwong
Genre: Action and Adventure

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