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What is Growing Pains about?
Growing Pains was about a family of five, the Seavers, who lived on Long Island, New York. Jason Seaver was the father, a psychiatrist and Maggie, his wife, was a journalist. Together, Maggie and Jason raised four children. They often worried about "who would stay home with the baby" or would "be there for the kids" and the responsibility was often juggled, even fought over, between the two parents but eventually settled. The youngest, Chrissy, wasn't born until the 4th season and suddenly "grew up" from being a toddler to a five year old between the 5th and 6th seasons. The oldest of the four children was Mike. A dare-devil yet charming, Mike helped Growing Pains ratings shoot sky high and quickly became the 80's pin up boy appearing on cover after cover of teen magazines.

Actors: Ashley Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chelsea Noble, Alan Thicke, Jeremy Miller, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Kelsey and Kirsten Dohring, Tracey Gold
Genre: Comedy
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    Episode 2: Gag Reel  

Season 1 of Growing Pains

Season 2 of Growing Pains

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    Episode 11: Choices  

Season 3 of Growing Pains

Season 4 of Growing Pains

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Season 5 of Growing Pains

    Episode 5: Teach Me  

Season 6 of Growing Pains

Season 7 of Growing Pains

    Episode 12: B=MC2  
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