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What is The Farmer's Daughter about?
A series about a woman who sought a government job teaching children in the Congo. She contacts her Congressman for help. She barges her way in to see him. He's initially perturbed, but notices how well she interacted with his children. As a widower he needed help to raise the kids and hires her. Her "common-folk" outlook at issues become a great help to the Congressman. The series was based on the 1948 movie of the same name that starred Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten. Inger Stevens and William Windom played the the televised versions of the roles originated on the big screen by Young and Cotten.

Actors: Inger Stevens, Cathleen Nesbitt, Rory O'Brien, Mickey Sholdar, William Windom, Philip Coolidge

Season 1 of The Farmer's Daughter

Season 2 of The Farmer's Daughter

Season 3 of The Farmer's Daughter

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