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What is Pictionary (1997) about?
Welcome to the Pictionary (1997) guide at TV Tome. Love to draw and have others guess what person, place, thing, phrase, etc., you're trying to draw? Lots of people did, and thousands of teen-agers and young adults found "Pictionary" as the perfect setting. The board game was among the hottest-selling board games of the late 1980s, with stores often selling out as quickly as they got copies in. "Pictionary" spawned two attempts to bring the game to the small screen the 1997 five-a-week syndicated game was the second of those attempts and is covered here. <P> In Pictionary, two teams of three members (each having a contestant and two celebrities) competed in a series of rounds based on guessing phrases, people, places, things, etc., based on pictorial charades. The game was played in three rounds (two front game rounds plus a bonus round), as thus: Round 1 Teams have 45 seconds to convey phrases sharing a common word (e.g., bread might have "w

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