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What is Bring 'Em Back Alive about?
A famous explorer and wild-animal collector battles various bad guys in pre-WWII Singapore, including warlords, smugglers and Nazis.

Actors: regulars:, Bruce Boxleitner as Frank Buck, Big Game Trapper & Collector of Wild Animals, Cindy Morgan as Gloria Marlowe, United States Consul, Singapore, Clyde Kusatsu as Ali, Buck's Friend and No. 1 Boy, Ron O'Neal as H.H., His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Jahore, Sean McClory as Myles Delaney, Manager of the Raffles Hotel, John Zee as G.B. Von Turgo, Smuggler and Kingpin of the Singapore Underworld, , recurring character:, Harvey Jason as Bhundi,

Season 1 of Bring 'Em Back Alive

    Episode : Pilot (1)  
    Episode : Dead Run  
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