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What is Family Affair about?

Actors: regulars:, Brian Keith as Uncle Bill Davis, Sebastian Cabot as Mr. Giles French, Anissa Jones as Elizabeth "Buffy" Patterson-Davis, Johnnie Whitaker as Jonathan "Jody" Patterson-Davis, Kathy Garver as Catherine "Cissy" Patterson-Davis, John Williams as Nigel "Niles" French [ 1 ], Nancy Walker as Emily Turner [ 5 ],


Season 1 of Family Affair

    Episode : Buffy  
    Episode : Marmalade  
    Episode : The Prize  
    Episode : The Award  
    Episode : Pilot (1)  
    Episode : Pilot (2)  
    Episode : Skivvies  
    Episode : Crushed  

Season 2 of Family Affair

    Episode : Freddie  
    Episode : Star Dust  

Season 3 of Family Affair

    Episode : Oliver  
    Episode : Albertine  

Season 4 of Family Affair

    Episode : Maudie  
    Episode : Marooned  

Season 5 of Family Affair

    Episode : Say Uncle  
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