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What is Project X about?
The answer? Just ask Team X. Dynamic, smart, and above all curious, our team of top scientific investigators will do anything to find the solution. Even spend three hours underwater in a small tank. For science of course. Project X is a new, half-hour themed series that sets out to explore the frontlines of science in an offbeat, entertaining, but intellectually challenging manner. A series that demonstrates to the viewer that science is everywhere in our lives a passport to a hidden and constantly evolving world of knowledge and events. Each week, well approach a new theme from three very different scientific perspectives. Our core team microbiologist Jennifer Gardy, engineer Brian Fleck, along with grad student Marc Huot, and science education expert Brian Alters will be joined by experts from around the globe to give a 360 view of the science behind the world around us. Tasked with a new theme each week, they explore it from every angle: They travel right to the source of the story to explore and carry out challenges and experiments to help explain the science. Always enthusiastic, always asking questions they venture to the test labs and test backyards and kitchens to make their point. The stories and themes belong in the realm of mind-blowing and too crazy to be true. Its a mix of practical and wacky backyard tinkerer to full-fledged scientist. But they are all stories that are based on some type of established scientific principles, which our expert team demystifies in an oh-so-clever and accessible way, making it relevant to a diverse audience. From the latest in science and technology, to the people behind the headlines all told with a compelling, unique and unexpected perspective: Project X will change the way that you think about the world around you.

Season 1 of Project X

    Episode 1: Flight  
    Episode 3: Invaders  
    Episode 4: Light  
    Episode 5: Memory  
    Episode 6: Speed  
    Episode 7: Eat  
    Episode 9:   
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