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What is NZ Detectives about?
Who are the tenacious detectives solving New Zealand's most serious crimes? "NZ Detectives - In Pursuit of the Truth" is a three-part TV ONE documentary series that gives viewers a privileged glimpse into the gritty world of the Detectives of the CI B - The Criminal Investigation Branch of the NZ Police. Handpicked and highly trained, the Detectives target killers, rapists, robbers and crooks and deliver them to justice. NZ Detectives - In Pursuit of the Truth asks: who are the unheralded investigators responsible for cracking our most baffling and notorious crimes? How do they do it? Above all, what drives their determination to dismantle a crime, piece by painstaking piece, in their dogged quest to unlock the truth? Produced with the complete co-operation from the NZ Police, former and current Detectives shed light on the challenges of dealing with the very worst elements of our society, in interviews that are surprisingly frank and in equal parts amusing and chilling. Dramatisations bring to life the whodunnits that they deal with and paint a picture of the worlds of violent crime. Evocative archival footage anchors the stories in different eras of our recent history.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of NZ Detectives

    Episode 3: Teamwork  
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