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What is Equitrekking about?
Equitrekking is the Emmy-winning international travel TV show with host Darley Newman. Discover destinations from a local's perspective. Watch travel video. Find horse riding vacations and dude ranches in the Equitrekking Vacation Guide - Travel Tips and watch Equitrekking on Public Television.

Genre: Documentary, Special Interest

Season 1 of Equitrekking

    Episode 1: Vermont  
    Episode 4: Colorado  
    Episode 5: Wyoming  
    Episode 6: Spain  

Season 2 of Equitrekking

    Episode 3: Iceland  
    Episode 7: Maui  

Season 3 of Equitrekking

    Episode 2: Kentucky  
    Episode 3: Arizona  
    Episode 4: Belize  
    Episode 5: Texas  
    Episode 7: Utah  

Season 4 of Equitrekking

    Episode 2: Scotland  
    Episode 5: Wales  
    Episode 6: Alaska  

Season 5 of Equitrekking

    Episode 1: Alberta  
    Episode 4: Uruguay  
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