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What is Prayer Beads about?
Prayer Beads consists of nine episodes of unrelated shows, save for the fact that they all deal with something horrific. It began with bootleg tapes (or so I'm told), then it moved onto import laserdiscs, and now DVDs -- no matter how it was happening, for years interested parties have had access to foreign films. But, the same can't be same for foreign television. Outside of British programs which are shown on PBS and BBC America (and all of those local independent stations which aired Benny Hill in the early 80s) and Telemundo (I don't speak a word of Spanish, but I love those soaps!), Americans haven't gotten a lot of exposure to foreign TV. Thus, I was interested to check out the Japanese horror anthology show Prayer Beads which has just hit DVD. And I've learned that anthologies suffer from the same highs and lows no matter where they are made.

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Prayer Beads

    Episode 3: It's Me  
    Episode 4: Real  
    Episode 6: Eddie  
    Episode 7: Echoes  
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