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What is The Strauss Family about?
The Strauss Family is a 1972 Associated Television series, made in England, of eight episodes, about the family of composers of that name, including Johann Strauss I and his sons Johann Strauss British teledrama and miniseries fans--and classical music lovers--will love 1972's The Strauss Family, a soapy, well-acted look at the life of the Strauss musical dynasty in Vienna, Eduard Strauss and Josef Strauss.

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series
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Season 1 of The Strauss Family

    Episode 1: Anna  
    Episode 2: Emilie  
    Episode 3: Schani  
    Episode 5: Josef  
    Episode 6: Hetti  
    Episode 7: Lili  
    Episode 8: Adele  
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