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What is First Love (2010) about?
Lenny Henry, Janet Street-Porter, Mark Radcliffe, Meera Syal and Katie Derham revisit their first musical love. We know celebrities for the art that has made them famous, be it acting, comedy, drama or broadcasting. In First Love, we reveal how five top British stars started out with very different career dreams and take them back to their musical roots, discovering what drove their passion and how they ended up taking a different path. We follow a journey driven by something very real ? a burning passion which they all once had. Guided by a mentor, the celebrities retrain, building to alive performance at a prestigious London venue in front of a paying audience. Through meeting famous musicians and experts, they discover more about their genre as well as gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process and nature of their chosen instrument. First Love also reveals the untold stories of their early years. As they revisit their past and talk to their parents, old friends and school teachers, we discover what motivated their first love and why. But do they fall in love again? Or do they realise they may not have had the talent to succeed professionally after all in their first love? And do they have the commitment and nerve to pull off a live performance?

Season 1 of First Love (2010)

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