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Watch First Love 2010 online: Episode 1 Lenny Henry

FIVE famous faces embark on an emotional journey to rediscover their musical roots. Thankfully, one of them isn't Des O'Connor. First up is actor and comedian Lenny Henry, pictured. He's been entertaining the nation in various guises since 1975 but his first stage appearance in his hometown of Dudley was actually singing soul music. Thirty-five years on, however, Henry's attempts to develop his natural soul voice, a falsetto that he finds uncomfortable to deliver, and which is worlds away from that of his Barry White-esque comedy creation Theophilus P Wildebeeste, prove troublesome. Not only that but stepping back in time proves an emotional journey for the star who reveals how soul music gave him an identity and helped him through the dark times during the early years of his career. Indeed, Henry initially struggled to find his place in the performance world. Lacking the confidence to simply be himself he found himself performing instead with the touring stage version of The Black And White Minstrels, later regretting his part in the controversial show. His commitment to the First Love challenge, however, is not in doubt. But will he be ready to face the spotlight, not to mention the expectant crowd, at London's Jazz Caf?

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