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What is Copycats about?
A game show presented by CBBC favourites Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes. Two families battle it out in a range of hilarious games. Half of the games are based on the idea of Chinese whispers. The team stand in a line of six cubicles separated by sliding doors. Each player has ten seconds to pass something onto the person in the next cubicle by means of a drawing, a mime or using a kazoo to convey a well-known tune. Will it make it all the way down the line unchanged or get utterly lost in translation? Madcap in nature, the other games involve anything from remote control football boots and motorized toilets to bursting balloons with the aid of giant nappies! It's chaotic, it's comical, it's Copycats!

Genre: Children, Game Show

Season 1 of Copycats

Season 2 of Copycats

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