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What is Coal about?
The Spike TV original series explores coal mining through the eyes of Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, co-owners of Cobalt Mine in Westchester, West Virginia, and the areas hard-working miners, families and community members. The duo leads more than 40 machine operators, foremen, electricians and drivers in one of the most dangerous workplaces on the planet. They face pressure every minute of every day to keep the mine up and running, and to keep their workers alive. Every aspect of the job will be covered, from the dangers behind the super-charged explosions needed to open surface mines, to the well publicized daily dangers of working in the dark recesses of the earths crust in a traditional shaft mine. Mike and Tom are loyal family men and they require the support of their loved ones to tackle the daily demands of the mine. Toms commitment to the job is reflected in a mining career thats spanned more than 45 years. He has seen his share of accidents and knows that any mistake can bring disaster.

Genre: Nonfiction

Season 1 of Coal

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