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What is Most Terrifying Places in America about?
The series is narrated by Mason Pettit. Each parted episode starts off with a haunted hotspot on a map of the United States. A particular haunted location is selected in a state and thus begins the journey into the unknown. Parnormal investigators, Historians, psychics, and mediums all discover the secrets behind these hotspots. Plus historical footage and interviews from eyewitness reports on the paranormal is told from personal encounters with ghosts, spirits, and everything that is supernatural. "Were traveling the country in search of the MOST TERRIFYING PLACES IN AMERICA, so get ready to get spooked by first hand encounters with real life ghosts! In this hour we explore the mysteries and legends surrounding seven spine tingling sites. From a grisly unsolved axe murder in a small Midwestern town to the haunted hotel that inspired The Shining, we take you behind the scenes with the owners, staff and visitors who have had experiences from the beyond! We go into the bowels of a New Orleans cemetery to expose its voodoo secrets and onto the haunted catwalk of a theater where an unfortunate stagehand made his last curtain call. Then, we dare you to spend the night at the most haunted plantation in the country and take a midnight tour of an abandoned penitentiary where a life sentence extends into the afterlife, and a condemned sanatorium where thousands died of tuberculosis. Gathering a team of expert ghost hunters, psychic mediums and historians we reveal just why these paranormal hotspots deserve their reputation as the MOST TERRIFYING PLACES IN AMERICA."

Genre: Nonfiction
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    Episode 1: Top 13  

Season 1 of Most Terrifying Places in America

    Episode 1: Volume 1  
    Episode 2: Volume 2  
    Episode 3: Volume 3  
    Episode 4: Volume 4  
    Episode 5: Volume 5  
    Episode 6: Volume 6  
    Episode 7: Volume 7  
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