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What is Truth Duty Valour about?
Truth, Duty, Valour is a television series that profiles what young Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen go through to be among the best in the world. From intense combat training to highly competitive physical fitness challenges, we follow the military as it prepares for possible deployment to hotspots throughout the world. You will see urban warfare training, fighter jets in air-to-air combat, soldiers making their first parachute jump, divers learning how to disarm a bomb, and Leopard tanks slugging it out in accuracy and tactics competitions. Their fear, pain, and anxiety are real. So is their passionate pride. Come see these young Canadians as they train and compete to be the best of the best.

Genre: Documentary, Reality, Special Interest

Season 1 of Truth Duty Valour

Season 2 of Truth Duty Valour

Season 3 of Truth Duty Valour

Season 4 of Truth Duty Valour

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