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What is Cash and Treasures about?
Documentary reality television series on the Travel Channel. The program followed and starred Becky Worley as she traveled around the world to hunt a wide range of undug "treasures," including precious metals, gemstones, minerals, seashells, fossils, artifacts, antiques, and relics. In 2008, Cash & Treasures changed its name to Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum

Genre: Documentary, Reality

Season 1 of Cash and Treasures

    Episode 2: Gold  
    Episode 3: Diamonds  
    Episode 11: Opals  

Season 2 of Cash and Treasures

    Episode 1: Emeralds  
    Episode 4: Agates  
    Episode 8: Copper  
    Episode 10: Dinos  
    Episode 12: Ginseng  
    Episode 14: Jade  
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