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What is Beyond the Darklands (New Zealand) about?
How do people become murderers? Are they born with some kind of rogue gene for evil? Or, has the life theyve lead bought them down the wrong path and tipped them over the edge? What is it that makes a man a murderer? In this gritty and engrossing documentary series, Forensic Psychologist, Nigel Latta, examines the lives of some of New Zealands worst murderers to answer these questions. This is an extraordinary series that takes you behind the headlines to the real stories. People who grew up with these murderers along with victims who have survived and the families of those who have not give highly emotional accounts of the kind of people these men were and what they were capable of. All, have been forever scarred by their association and their stories make for a gut wrenching journey into the darklands

Genre: Documentary, Reality

Season 1 of Beyond the Darklands (New Zealand)

Season 2 of Beyond the Darklands (New Zealand)

Season 3 of Beyond the Darklands (New Zealand)

Season 4 of Beyond the Darklands (New Zealand)

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