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What is Hunger For The Wild about?
Steve Logan and Al Brown trade the comfort of their fine dining restaurant for life on the road as they head for the hills, hook up with some great Kiwi characters and chase down some of New Zealand's finest and freshest food - bringing us dishes of wild game and seasonal delicacies.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Hunger For The Wild

    Episode 1: Crayfish  
    Episode 2: Wild Pig  
    Episode 5: Paua  
    Episode 6: Pheasant  
    Episode 7: Flounder  

Season 2 of Hunger For The Wild

    Episode 1: Kingfish  
    Episode 2: Scallops  
    Episode 3: Eel  
    Episode 5: Crab  
    Episode 7: Hare  
    Episode 8: Trout  
    Episode 9: Barbeque  
    Episode 10: Deer  

Season 3 of Hunger For The Wild

    Episode 4: Salmon  
    Episode 5: Tahr  
    Episode 6: Snapper  
    Episode 7: Wallaby  
    Episode 8: Quail  
    Episode 10: Goat  
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