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What is The Animal Show about?
Welcome to The Animal Show guide at TV Tome. In this show created by Jim Henson production, it is hosted by Jake the Polar Bear and his co-host Stinky the Skunk as they interveiw 2 of each and every animal of the Animal Kingdom per show (there are some episodes where they only interveiw one animal because of it many types). Stinky's ideas in some episodes might be good (like starting there own herd) and some might be bad (like getting a shell). To help the show run, they added Armstrong the Chickenhawk and Eve St. LaRoach (a cockroach chef). Armstrong is first helped out by Ollie the Tapir and later Bunnie the Brown Bear (Jake's cousin). Question parts were first started with Tizzie the Bee asking Jake, Stinky, and us veiwers questions and later the Rodent Reporter Rhonda the Rat (with her camera hog Dunnard) asking questions to the animals (NOTE: Don't give a foolish answer or comment or you'll be sent down the trap door). The show is not only educational, but also comical i

Actors: Bill Barretta, Mike Quinn, Mak Wilson, John Eccleston, Karen Prell, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold

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