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What is The Large Family about?
Based on the best-selling books by Jill Murphy, The Large Family chronicles the hilarious domestic chaos of an all too human elephant family. Just like a typical modern day family, the Large family have big dreams, high hopes and enormous piles of washing. Mrs Large dashes about like a whirlwind looking after the kids; self-styled 'coolest nine-year-old in town' Lester; resourceful and creative Laura; bright spark Luke; and mischievous baby Lucy. An oasis of tranquillity in the mayhem around him, Mr Large manages to stay remarkably calm... at least until his own parents turn up unexpectedly. Produced in 2D cell animation with scripts by Emmy award-winner Nicky Barton, this heart-warming, delightful series is sure to captivate young viewers.

Genre: Children

Season 1 of The Large Family

    Episode 25: Me Too  

Season 2 of The Large Family

    Episode 7: Blackout  
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