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What is How'd You Get So Rich? about?
Sure, the economy is in the tank, but like it or not, there are still millionaires out there -- and they didn't all get rich by stealing your money (thanks for nothing, Wall Street). They made their fortunes by inventing Billy Bob Teeth and Butt Paste. Enter Joan Rivers and her money-obsessed new show, How'd You Get So Rich? We've all driven by lavish mansions and wondered, 'Who the hell lives there?' Rivers -- no slouch in the indulgence department -- leaves no stone unturned in getting to the story behind the moneybags who walk, or rather drive their Ferraris, among us. In this funny and engaging series she searches the country to find out how wealthy people got that way and, more importantly, how they spend their money. It's an escapist fantasy and an inspirational tale for these tough times.

Season 1 of How'd You Get So Rich?

Season 2 of How'd You Get So Rich?

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