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What is Wreck Rescue about?
TVs Mark Evans is well known around the world for his incredible workshop adventures. Over the last decade, with the help of his workshop chums, hes built a super car from scratch, put together a 200 mph plane and painstakingly restored various rusty wrecks back to their former glory and all in front of television cameras. Hes even built his own helicopter. But, for his most recent TV series, Mark decided to put his own projects on hold in order to help inspire and motivate some fellow classic vehicle enthusiasts to achieve their restoration dreams. Filmed over 18 months, mainly in the UK but also in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Poland and France, Wreck Rescue follows the highs and lows of five very different stories. Restoring a rust heap is a much bigger challenge than most people anticipate. That's one of the reasons so few amateur restorers succeed and why so many potentially brilliant projects remain on axle stands and under tarpaulins to rust in peace. It doesn't have to be that way. And the stars of Wreck Rescue prove it.

Genre: Documentary, Drama

Season 1 of Wreck Rescue

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