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What is The Accidental Couple about?
Romance has begun for an unlikely couple. Gu Dong-baek, a post office worker, is depressed about his routine everyday life. And the lovely actress Han Ji-su has yet to experience special love. Like a breath of fresh air, Han enters Gu's life. Gu has continuously felt regretful about life and has not been able to fit into society. But Gu doesn't have the brashness to propose to the most popular actress in the country. Finally, Gu cautiously proclaims his love, saying he "can't bitterly swallow love like a cup of cold leftover cappuccino." He cannot end the six month love affair with her that seemed like a summer night's dream. "Love abounds in the world. There must be my share of all the love out there. I promise I'll only have one, so let me have just one, whatever love it may be." And the man loves her with all his heart. Will this ordinary fellow, striving to defend his love, have the chance to propose to the beautiful Han?

Genre: Comedy

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