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What is Evil Con Carne about?
Evil Con Carne is about a criminally insane brain who is attached to a bear and his disembodied stomach. Most of the jillionaire Hector con Carne's body was destroyed in an accident, but thanks to modern technology his brain and stomach were attached to a stupid, lumbering bear named Boscov. Despite Hector's circumstances he has help from other henchmen such as General Skarr and Major Doctor Ghastley. From Maxwell Atoms, creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Character Guide Hector Con Carne: A very rich man whose body was blown up in an explosion all that was left of him was his brain and his stomach. they were both put into containers and put onto a bar named Boskov. Hector's ultimate goal is to conquer the world. Major Dr. Ghastly: A scientific Genius, who works for Hector Con Carne. She secretly had a Crush on Hector. Although her inventions are ingenious they have not been able to let Hector conquer the world yet. General Skarr: The General of Hecto

Actors: Grey Delisle, Armin Shimerman, Frank Welker, Grey DeKuske, Phil LaMarr, Jesse Corti
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Evil Con Carne

Season 2 of Evil Con Carne

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