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Where to watch Dragonfly TV
This multi-media show features children inventing new ways to acomplish tasks and test out scientific theories. This PBS show airs as part of PBS Kids GO!, a new series of Children's shows designed for kids on the older side of PBS Kids viewers. The show focuses on the excitement of kids discovering new ways of approaching science and math.
Season 1
    Episode 2: Wheels  
    Episode 4: Water  
    Episode 5: Rocks  
    Episode 6: Flight  
    Episode 7: Weather  
    Episode 9: Plants  
    Episode 10: Air  
    Episode 12: Space  
Season 2
    Episode 4: Spinning  
    Episode 7: Sound  
    Episode 11: Mammals  
Season 3
    Episode 3: Wind  
    Episode 8: Speed  
    Episode 9: Health  
    Episode 11: Games  
    Episode 12: Space  
    Episode 13: Dogs  
Season 4
    Episode 1: Energy  
    Episode 4: Friction  
    Episode 5: Sound  
    Episode 6: Canines  
    Episode 12: Mammals  
Season 6
    Episode 1: Alaska  
    Episode 7: Hawaii  
Season 7
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