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Greg Grainger is an award-winning producer and presenter of topical travel documentaries and wildlife programmes to remote and exotic locations. His highly acclaimed adventures have captured on film activities as diverse as sky burials in Tibet to shark riding in Tahiti.

A winner of the prestigous Logie Award for Top Australian Newsman, Greg has worked for leading radio and television stations in England and Australia for the past 30 years. His track record includes radio station general manager and news director to prime-time national television news presenter.

These days Greg roams the globe in search of the ultimate adventure and wildlife experiences. His filming expeditions have captured the wildest extremes of the Arctic, Antarctic and Africa, as well as the Andes and Himalaya. He's been knocked down by a cheetah, wounded by an elephant and bitten by a shark. His adventures include the world's first white water rafting trip through Tibet to a kayaking first around the top waterways of South America. He recently crossed the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia in an expedition following in the foosteps of the great explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Greg's programmes are seen around the world, from Grainger's World screened daily on Europe's Travel Channel to Tour Deluxe on the USA Travel Channel, as well as Channel 7 Australia's The World Around Us. His wildlife specials appear regularly on the international networks Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.
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