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Where to watch Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Yako's father was murdered in a locked room. She then meets a man named Neuro Nougami who is a demon from Hell who eats "riddles." He forces Yako to act as a detective so he can solve mysteries. Neuro longs to eat the ultimate mystery.

Genre: Animation, Fantasy
Season 1
    Episode 1: Food  
    Episode 3: Laughing  
    Episode 4: Dog  
    Episode 5: Rental  
    Episode 6: Hair  
    Episode 7: Box  
    Episode 8: Dream  
    Episode 11: Light  
    Episode 12: Image  
    Episode 13: X  
    Episode 15: Dragon  
    Episode 16: Spring  
    Episode 17: Persue  
    Episode 18: Key  
    Episode 23: Blame  
    Episode 24: Dice  
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