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What is Zorro (1981) about?
Zorro(1981) is a cartoon about a man who fights crime and saves the day. He uses a sword to kick butt and after he is done he uses his sword to put a "Z" which stands for Zorro. He has 3 or 4 sidekicks. His number one was Little John. This show only lasted 3 months with only 13 episodes. This cartoon series was shown as part of the Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour. The series featured repeats of the Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle series, along with new episodes of Lone Ranger and The New Adventures Of Zorro. There was one Zorro episode per show.

Actors: Don Diamond, Ismael 'East' Carlo, Socorro Valdez, Eric Mason, Christine Avila, Carlos Rivas, Julio Medina, Henry Darrow
Genre: Action and Adventure

Season 1 of Zorro (1981)

    Episode 8: The Trap  
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