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What is Touching Evil about?
Jeffrey Donovan stars as Detective David Creegan, who after surviving a near fatal gunshot wound to the head, takes a 12-month psychological leave of absence. He returns to work for the FBI's new Organized and Serial Crime Unit, a rapid-response, elite crime squad. His brush with death renders him fearless in his relentless pursuit of justice as he and his partner Susan Branca (Vera Farminga) specialize in solving shocking, high profile crimes.

Actors: Kevin Durand, Vera Farmiga, Brian Markinson, Zach Grenier, Jeffrey Donovan
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Touching Evil

    Episode 3: Y Me  
    Episode 4: Justine  
    Episode 5: Slash 30  
    Episode 6: Memorial  
    Episode 7: K  
    Episode 10: Boston  
    Episode 11: Entropy  
    Episode 12: Grief  
    Episode 13: Mercy  
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