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An exciting futuristic action adventure series for a teen audience. Available June 2007.

In the latter part of the 21 st century, there is cataclysmic explosion on the moon, which was being used as a nuclear waste dump, and the earth is turned into a frozen mass of ice. Billions died but a few hundred left the earth to rebuild their lives on a new planet.

However, a century later, defeated and tired of being nomads their descendents return to earth. On their return, they find that miraculously there are still a few survivors of the original inhabitants clinging to life, A primitive people, they are easily dominated by the returning space travellers who are technologically superior. The interlopers secure their dictatorial control of earth by building a huge network of electrified railroads using the survivors as slave labour.

Over the next few centuries a society based upon the railways evolves. People live on trains, shop on trains, work on trains! A people who are told that the Sun never existed!

In this environment Cal , the 15 year old son of a famed glaciologist begins to suspect that there is more to the world than ice. He wants to know the origin of Ice Age and to confirm rumours of the existence of a Sun. He finds two teenage companions Kurt and Yunji to join him in his quest.

Actors: yler Johnston, Tammy Hui, Kyle Labine, Peter Hudson, Joe Sheridan, James Gerard, Susan Gilmore, Patrick Albenq
Genre: Action and Adventure
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Season 1
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