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Watch Kathy Smith - Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2 online

Where to watch Kathy Smith - Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2
Fitness expert Kathy Smith leads viewers in an effective, weight-based exercise routine in this release that combines essential weight-training routines with the basic principles of Pilates and Yoga to create a workout that will leave the viewer looking and feeling their very best. A special warm-up segment gets the blood circulating before Smith leads viewers in a series of squats and "glute" exercises designed to tighten and tone the butt, thighs, and leg muscles. Next, hand-weight exercises and rotational moves aim to help viewers improve posture and balance while strengthening their core, and the arm and chest muscles are targeted in an upper-body routine that relies on pure bodyweight. A final abdominal workout tops off the routine by helping viewers to work off that spare tire and walk away with the flat, firm stomach they have always strived for.

Genre: Special Interest
Season 1
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