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Sh15uya (pronounced and alternatively known as Shibuya Fifteen) is a Japanese television series (or dorama), broadcast on TV Asahi from January 10 to March 10 of 2005. As the title implies, it is set in the famous district of Shibuya in Tokyo, however, it is only a virtual simulation of Shibuya.

The plot concerns a group of fifteen-year-olds. The story centers on a boy named Tsuyoshi (at least he thinks he's Tsuyoshi) trying to recover his memories and find a way out of Shibuya. But standing in the way is the system set in place to keep Shibuya as is. One entity, known as "Piece" locks on to any of the fifteen year olds when they become 'broken' and kills them. Shortly the "fixed" children are resurrected with new names and new personalities, and everyone forgets the old version. Except Tsuyoshi and Ema, that is. Ema, Tsuyoshi's only ally, is different from the others. She is the only one--until Tsuyoshi appears--who remembers the dead. She also has the ability to "merge" into a battle suit and with that suit is the only one able to kill "Piece".

Genre: Action and Adventure
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 1: Fifteens  
    Episode 3: Runaway  
    Episode 4: Hunting  
    Episode 6: Dive Out  
    Episode 7: Reset  
    Episode 8: Dead End  
    Episode 9: Revu  
    Episode 12: Reality  
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