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Do you know how your dog uses its tongue to drink? In what exact way a face contorts when punched by a UFC contender? What happens when an egg falls into the pinwheeling blades of a fan? Or an apple is hit with a bullet?

Likely, with nothing but your naked eye to guide you, you haven't got a clue. In fact, there are countless events the world has to offer that our limited senses can't fully appreciate ... until now, anyway.

Welcome to Discovery Channel's new series Time Warp, in which MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman uses new technologies to bring truly never-before-seen wonders into a form that your body can actually process.

Using the latest in high-speed photography, the Time Warp team takes some natural events (a cat licking its paw, a champagne bottle being opened) and some not-so-natural (a water balloon to the face, a raw piece of chicken exploding) and turns them into a thing of both beauty and learning.

Genre: Documentary
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    Episode 1: Pilot  
Season 1
    Episode 5: Taser  
    Episode 52:   
Season 2
Season 3
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