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In A Heartbeat is about teens working as EMT's while going to school while trying to maintain the life of a normal teenager. The squad is made up of Val Lanier, she's a good student and a cheerleader. There's Tyler Connell, the football player who's dealing with his step dad. Hank Beecham is Tyler's best friend and on the football team too. He's the "professional" one of their group but in the pilot we see a different side of him. The fourth member of their squad id Jamie Waite, and unlike everyone else on the squad he's not there by choice. He's the reble who doesn't want to be there, he want's to finish his parole and he's out of there. He's on probabtion for steeling, much to the dismay of Alex Freeman, the man in charge of running the station who thinks that Jamie should be kicked off the squad. Alex is assisted by Brooke Lanier, Val's 12 year old, super organized sister. She's often referred to as "Queen of the Pap

Actors: Lauren Collins, Danso Gordon, Shawn Ashmore, Jackie Rosenbaum, Reagan Pasternak, Christopher Ralph
Season 1
    Episode 7: Go Team  
    Episode 17: Hero  
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