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Where to watch Land of the Lost (1991)
The Porter family, Tom, Kevin, and Annie get sucked into a prehistoric alternative world while taking a family vacation. The Porters build a tree house, hook up with a few locals, Tasha- orphaned, extra smart dinosaur, Stink-monkey man, and Christa-another human who has lived in the Land of the Lost since she was a little girl. The Porters must deal with living with dinosaurs and avoiding the evil advanced Sleestaks.

Actors: Jennifer Drugan, Shannon Day, Robert Gavin, Tom Allard, Bobby Porter, Ed Gale, Timothy Bottoms, Danny Mann
Genre: Action and Adventure, Children, Drama
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Season 1
    Episode 1: Tasha  
Season 2
    Episode 3: Opah  
    Episode 11: Cheers  
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