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What is Finders Keepers about?
Welcome to the Finders Keepers guide at TV Tome, where the only way to get in trouble is to leave the room clean. The game goes like this: two teams battle it out in two two-part rounds. In the first part, the two teams (one red, one blue, both with two contestants each) are read a series of clues and are asked to find the object pertaining to the clue on a giant picture. A correct find nets the team $25 and a room to search. After four correct finds, the teams head into the 'house' and do the same thing as the first half, except this time they get to hands-on tear the room apart in order to find the correct object. A correct find here is worth $50, but if they run out of time, or find the wrong object (which they have to confirm with the host), the money goes to the other team. In round two, it's more of the same, only the money values are now triple for the hidden picture half (to $75) and double for the Room Search (to $100), along with a possible prize if the team gets the Ins

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