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What is The Ghost Busters about?
A live-action Saturday-morning show about two men (Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker) and Tracy The Gorilla (Bob Burns), their side-kick; who are "ghost busters" that fight the ghosts of historical villains.<br> <br> At the beginning of each episode, the trio get a taped message outlining their new mission. Once the message plays, the recording self destructs. The Ghost Busters then head out to find, capture, or get rid of the supernatural being. In almost every case, the various creatures end up in the old castle. The various creatures they encountered included vikings, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, vampires, gypsies, werewolves, and of course, various ghosts.

Actors: Larry Storch, Bob Burns, Forrest Tucker

Season 1 of The Ghost Busters

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