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What is The Sins about?
Len Green is a bank robber. During his long career as a getaway driver, he has served many sentences and spent a fair proportion of his life behind bars. Now middle-aged, with a very expensive house (bought with the proceeds of the robberies), and an attractive wife and four grown-up daughters to whom he is devoted, he resolves to change his lifestyle. This time he will "go straight". But having joined his Uncle Irwin in the family firm of undertakers, he is faced with many temptations, in the form of the seven deadly sins (envy, greed, lust, etc), which test his resolve to stay out of trouble. His mates want him to help out in one last robbery. His wife, who can't accept that she will no longer having a steady (although criminal) income, steals a priceless necklace; will Len be the first robber to be jailed for breaking into a jewellers to *return* something? After so many years in prison, does his wife still love him - and can he still satisfy her in bed?

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series
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Season 1 of The Sins

    Episode 1: Pride  
    Episode 3: Lust  
    Episode 4: Envy  
    Episode 5: Greed  
    Episode 6: Anger  
    Episode 7: Sloth  
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