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Speed and his ultimate driving machine, the Mach 5, combines racing with intrigue. Joining Speed is a cast of characters, including Mom and Pops Racer, girlfriend Trixie, little brother Spritle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, mechanic Sparky, and the mysterious Racer X.
Characters Speed Racer: Speed is an eighteen year old car driver, and is one of the youngest in the international racing cicuit. Speed also has martial art talents and tried to do the right thing whenever possible. His girlfriend's name is Trixie. Racer X (Rex Racer): Rex is Speed's older brother and is quite mysterious. Rex left home at the young age of 18 and started racing the circut after Pops built him a red, number one car. Spirtle: Spirtle is the yongest brother of the family and turned eight years of age in the episode "The Royal Racer". Spirtle and Chim Chim usually always follow along.

Actors: Corinne Orr, Peter Fernandez, Jack Curtis, Jack Grimes
Genre: Animation
Season 1 (watch here)
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