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Welcome to the Rhyme and Reason guide at TV Tome. This was ABC's answer to Match Game, except the contestants filled in the blanks. It also marked Bob Eubanks first celebrity game show. Two contestants (one a returning champion) competed playing with six panelists (regulars included Jaye P. Morgan, Mitzi McCall, Charlie Brill & of course, Nipsy Russell). First, part of a poem would be read (IE: Our new bed is as neat as you see.). The contestants wrote down a rhyming word in how they think the celebrity would respond. Then the contestant picks one of the six stars to make up a rhyme. If the celebrity would say the correct rhyme word, the contestant would score 2 points (IE: If Nipsy Russell said, "Our new bed is as neat as you see, then we messed it up making whoopee!" & the contestant wrote WHOOPEE, that's 2 points). If the celebrity guesses the opponent's rhyming word, the opponent scores 1 point. If the star doesn't guess any of the words, then the opponen
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