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Welcome to the Paper Dolls guide at TV Tome. During the mid-1980s, prime-time soaps ruled the airwaves and ABC, who already had a hit with "Dynasty," tried again with "Paper Dolls." Unfortunately, this attempt was less successful and "Paper Dolls" was cancelled after three months. The show was based on a 1982 TV movie, which centered around the modeling business and the corruption of two beautiful and innocent teenage models Taryn and Laurie. However, in the transition to a weekly series, the focus was split between the modeling business and the Harper family whose wealthy conglomerate had a small stake in the modeling business. As a result, the show was diluted with too many characters and convoluting plotlines for viewers to get invested. The original two-hour episode aired opposite the 1984 Prime Time Emmy Awards and scored decent ratings, however, subsequent episodes failed to live up to the ratings potential and the show quietly went off the air before resolving

Actors: Nicollette Sheridan, Mimi Rogers, Jonathan Frakes, John Bennett Perry, Lloyd Bridges, Dack Rambo, Terry Farrell, Nancy Olson, Lauren Hutton, Jennifer Warren, Anne Schedeen, Morgan Fairchild, Brenda Vaccaro, Richard Beymer
Season 1
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