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What is Ned's Newt about?
What happens when Ned overfeeds his 4 inch-long, lethargic pet newt with Zippo Newt Food? That little, harmless newt turns into a five hundred-pound monster called Newton: the most mischievous, gluttonous, fun playmate ever! An incredible mimic, Newton can camouflage himself to avoid detection from grown-ups and other kids, and is always there to lend a sympathetic ear or clown around with his best pal Ned. This can be a real problem when Mom wants to know who destroyed the shag rug with the lawnmower - but works great when Ned needs help standing his ground with the school bully. Ned and Newton are inseparable.

Actors: Peter Keleghan, Harland Williams, Tracy Leah Ryan, Ron Pardo, James Millington, Tracey Moore, Colin O'Meara, Carolyn Scott
Genre: Animation, Comedy
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