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Welcome to the Second Chance guide at TV Tome. Charles Russell dies, but since he is too good for hell and too bad for heaven, he is given the opportunity to go back to 1987 to assist his younger self, Chazz, in making better decisions at critical junctures in his life in order to (hopefully) get into heaven. As of December 1987, the show was revamped and retitled Boys Will Be Boys. The entire fantasy element of the series was dropped, along with Charles and St. Peter.

Actors: Terri Ivens, Matthew Perry, Demian Slade, Adam Jay Sadowsky, Randee Heller, Kiel Martin, Billy Gallo, Joseph Maher
Genre: Drama
Season 1 (watch here)
    Episode : The Gang  
    Episode : The Front  
    Episode 1: The End  
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