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Gravedale High is about teacher Max Schneider, who taught a group of teenage monsters. Each of the kids are modeled after Hollywood's greatest horror monsters. Vinnie is a vampire, Duzer is a gorgon, Blanche is a zombie, Frankentyke is the monster, Reggie is a werewolf, Cleofatra is a mummy, J.P. is a zombie, Gill is a swamp creature, and Sid is an invisible boy. It was produced by Hanna-Barbara and lasted for one season on NBC before being canceled.

Actors: Ricki Lake, Tim Curry, Frank Welker, Thomas McHugh, Rick Moranis, Lewis Arquette, Shari Belafonte, Georgia Brown, Roger Rose, Jackie Earle Haley, Barry Gordon, Kimmy Robertson, Brock Peters, Sandra Gould, Maurice LaMarche, Jonathan Winters, Eileen Brennan
Season 1
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