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Welcome to the Peer Pressure guide at TV Tome. Life-sized board games have been the centerpiece of several game shows, dating all the way back to Video Village. It was natural, then, to use a game board as the main focus of Peer Pressure, a game show about teen-aged decisions and dilemmas that aired in syndication. Three teenagers competed. One at a time, each contestant had his/her moves determined via an "8 Ball," which reveals the number of spaces they can move and one of the following stunt- or question-based categories that needed to be completed successfully to advance: Decision The player had to guess how the "Peer Group" (a jury composed of about a dozen or so teen-agers) answered a moral dilemma. Sample question: "She's a really pretty, petite young blonde, but often wears plain white T-shirts and blue jeans to school because that's what she likes to wear. Does she turn you off because she dresses like a tomboy?" Usually, the contestant also gave some reason
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